I've Been Thinking...

…or more accurately, my brain has been thinking.  So is that thinking mechanism “I”?  Or is “I” the observer that is aware of the thinking?  Or what about the larger dimension within which the thinker and the observer both exist and function?  Could that be “I”?

I’ve been binge-watching the PBS series “The Brain,” fascinated by how much we’ve collectively learned about the truly amazing ways in which the brain goes about its business.  And even more fascinated, of course, by the enormous amount we’ve yet to learn.  The image I have from the series is that science is standing, supported by what we know we know, on the shore of an immense dark sea, both frightening and seductive.  One more step off the security of scientific proof and science will find itself in the depths of the unknown.

We’re familiar with that sea, you and I.  We’re spending more and more time in its depths, habitually returning to the security of the shore less and less.  We find it both exhilarating and still a bit scary to beimmersed in the sea’s buoyant, loving energy—the infinite realm of divine ideas.  We find solid ground where we least expect it, and each time we move back into the sea with more confidence and excitement.  It’s wonderful to realize how rich and rewarding this life experience has become since we, too, stepped off that same shore.

Much has been written about the great gulf that is seen to exist between science and religion.  That may well be true, I don’t know. I think perhaps religion is more concerned with our behavior on the shore than with the experience of the sea. What I’ve been contemplating is the growing bond between science and spirituality.  We ask the same questions, and in seeking answers we have found the same shore.  Science wants to study the sea and understand its nature.  We choose to accept the sea and explore its infinite possibilities.  Both choices are good, and both are leading to a growing realization that we’re in the same sea, and it may be time to share our discoveries with each other.

I once would have added that we’re going to the same place, but I’m now not so sure we’re going anywhere.  Perhaps we’re meant to hang out in the sea awhile, scientifically discovering and spiritually experiencing the Truth that the kingdom of heaven is within.  Jesus had it right all along.  Go figure!

Today, whatever challenges the world may offer, I remain aware and appreciative of the immense sea of Love that supports me and guides me to an ever-greater realization that the sea and I are One.

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