In the Midst of Life…

“Is there anything new to say about Christmas?” a colleague asked me last week with a sigh of resignation.  He wasn’t expecting an answer, and I didn’t really have one to offer.  But I’ve been living in the question ever since.

To mortal mind, of course, the answer is an emphatic ‘No!’.  It marches us into every Christmas loaded with memories of Christmases past, and an insistence that this one should conform to them in every respect.  Even the slightest possibility of something new is fiercely resisted.  And that’s good.  We need to appreciate the power of the past, and the gift of traditions and memories. 

But Christmas is about a birth—a new expression of Light filled with infinite possibilities.  It takes place within us, sparking us to expand into new dimensions of spiritual understanding and creative expression. 

And so from the perspective of Spirit there is always something new about Christmas—new feelings, new ideas, new inspiration.  We have found peace in the darkness that allows the new Light to appear, and we are excited to discover the unique gifts this Christmas offers,

So there is always something new about Christmas, whether we can ‘say’ it or not.  My heart-deep wish for each of you is that the ‘new’ for you this Christmas be an experience that is creative, challenging and infinitely rewarding.

I also want to express my thanks for the love and support so many of you offered to me and my extended family as we both grieve and celebrate the transition out of mortal limitation of my sister-in-law, Joan Bird, the wife of my brother David. 

Some have commented that it’s sad to experience a death in what is meant to be a joyous season celebrating a birth.  And yet in Truth we know that they are one and the same.  Birth and death are the matched set of bookends that contain one particular Hero’s Journey.  Each is a transition into an unfamiliar new dimension of Spirit; and each transition, inevitably a bit scary, is both an expression and experience of divine Love.   We enfold Joan in that Love as her journey continues, and we enfold her family and friends in that same love as they adjust to her mortal absence, knowing that there is no separation in Truth.

Blessings and a Joyful Christmas!

Rev Ed

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