I Was Just Thinking...

Jesus has often been dismissed through centuries as someone who sort of drifted through life with his head in the clouds—someone whose teachings are lovely but vague and not very practical.  Even many of his immediate followers had trouble seeing how his spiritual teachings could be of much practical use.

 But Jesus was a realistic, pragmatic man. He experienced the same doubts, fears, confusion and error thinking that haunt our own lives, and he moved through those experiences to demonstrate a whole world of practical new possibilities available to us.

 Jesus was especially clear on the subject of prayer. In the Gospel of Mark he tells his disciples, “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it is yours.”  Nothing could be more unequivocal than that.

 The challenge lies in ‘believing that we have received.’ Too often we pray believing that we lack—perhaps that we don’t deserve.  Once we come to believe in the Presence and Power of God expressing through us, however, we find that all things are indeed  available to us.

 Today, I believe and affirm that my good, in whatever form I need it to express, is moving to me now through time and space quickly, and in peace. Thank You, God.

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