‘In Memory of Her”—An Appreciation of Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene seems to be having something of a moment just now—2,000 years after her time on earth.  Writings about her run the gamut from second-century fragments to highly contemporary new appraisals of her significance.

In observance of her feast day on July 22, Rev Ed has dedicated his entire month to exploring and sharing her story, including two Sunday talks at Unity in the City in Brookline MA (which can be seen on YouTube or the unityinthecity.org website) and two Spirit Expressing Gatherings at the Center for Progressive Therapies, 192 Hartford Road in Manchester.  Rev Ed’s efforts have been focused on appreciating Mary Magdalene as the center of her own story, instead of simply a supporting player in the story of Jesus. 

As a finale to the month’s Magdalene discussions, Spirit Expressing will present a ritual/theater evening, “In Memory of Her,” on Wednesday evening, July 27, at 7:00 p.m., also at the Center for Progressive Therapies.

“In Memory of Her” has been adapted by Rev Ed from the work of Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigan, and the evening will feature music composed and performed by the noted singer/songwriter Andrea Paquin.  In addition to Andrea and Rev Ed, participants will include Terrie Waitt and Elyse Arsenau.

Through music, ritual and readings from a variety of sources, the emphasis will be on Mary Magdalene as she was known in the earliest Christian centuries—as the disciple closest to Jesus, with a profound and unique understanding of his spiritual message.  “Instead of the emphasis on structure and obedience characteristic of the traditional Church,” Rev Ed notes, “Mary Magdalene planted the seeds for a personal, mystical understanding of Jesus Christ and his message of spiritual empowerment.  Her guidance and influence can be seen in the works of the great Christian mystics, and in some non-traditional understandings of the message and ministry of Jesus Christ.”

“In Memory of Her” is open to everyone with an interest in Mary Magdalene as an expression of the divine feminine.  A love offering will be collected at the door.

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