We Are Here to Experience Times Like These!


I’ve deliberately postponed this message, waiting for the smoke to clear from the passions of Tuesday’s election.  But it doesn’t seem likely to fully clear any time soon.  Lord knows there have been more than enough other voices eager to be heard this week—some in celebration, others in various degrees of anger, astonishment and fear.

And some voices have held the high watch, affirming and reminding us that spiritual Truth did not lose the election!  It can really be a challenge to hold firm to that Truth against the gale-force winds that fill our lives!  And yet that’s precisely what we expressions of Spirit are here in human form to accomplish.  For a long time now we’ve been making choices out of conflict and drama, falling back into an old belief that that’s how things are meant to be.  As is so often the case in our personal lives—well, mine at least—we create for ourselves experiences that will express our darkest fears, precisely so that we can face the fear and make new choices. 

It would seem that many of those collective darkest fears are being given expression through the election and its confrontational aftermath.  And that’s a good thing!  Apparently we can move no further on our spiritual path by suppressing, and denying the existence of, our fears.  We can’t simply pave over the fears with infinite Love.  They’d still be there, like an ominous shadow following us forward.  We are here to make the loving choices that will transform the shadows and fears into the new consciousness that Jesus calls ‘the kingdom of heaven.’

I’ve been dipping into the Book of Isaiah this week—specifically the chapters, beginning with 40, that are the work of the author or authors known as Second Isaiah.  He was writing at a time, and for a purpose, that seems particularly resonant with our own.  It was a time of political upheaval, confusion and great uncertainty.  Should we go back to Jerusalem, a place where most of us have never lived and to which we feel no affinity?  Should we stay in Babylon?  Can we really trust this guy Cyrus who offers us freedom?  And what about our neighbors?  Will they accept us as fully their equal?  Or will mean-spirited graffiti start appearing on our walls?

The prophet’s guidance is clear.  It was relying on the machinations of our mortal minds that got us into this situation in the first place.  We need to make new choices, from the higher Spirit that is our true Self.  Centered in that Spirit we have all we need to express our infinite Love, including the guidance that will move us to new realizations, experiences and choices.

For myself, I can most easily begin to express and expand with the simple energy of appreciation.  I may not yet be able to love the whole picture, but I can always find a few details to appreciate—and that’s a start!  This week I have deeply appreciated the grace with which all the major players, especially the President-elect, have moved through an awkward and, for some, painful time.  From here on out I will look each day for something in or about the new administration to appreciate.  I will enfold it in the energy of my heart and say ‘Thanks!’. 

Donald Trump is Spirit in expression, just as we are.  He may be beset by fears and shadows all around him—just as we are—but he remains always an expression of spiritual Truth.  So I’m not going to pray that he will change his mind about things.  Those ‘things’ are all generated in mortal mind.  And prayer coming from our mortal minds can be a dangerous thing. 

So I look past the lure of duality that occupies his mortal mind—as it does mine—and I see him knowing and expressing his true Self.  I thank him and appreciate him for taking on this enormous role on our collective spiritual journey.  I enfold him in the Light and Love that are the very essence of the nation we share—and of all nations in this challenging world.


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