Grateful Heart

The Congregational Church near me always posts a few words on its front sign that are nicely worded and spiritually helpful.  As I drove by today I slowed for a moment to see what the sign might be expressing today.  And as always, I loved it.  Let Us Give Thanks with Grateful Hearts.

It may seem redundant at first glance.  Aren’t ‘giving thanks’ and being ‘grateful’ really the same thing?  Well, yes—and no.  I think the key lies in the personal source of spiritual intention.  We will gather today and ‘give thanks’ for the blessings and benefits the past year has delivered.  Our minds will itemize the blessings, and we will logically appreciate the many ways in which good has expressed in our lives. 

A ‘grateful heart’ offers a deeper dimension of the same spiritual energy.  Centered in our hearts, we are not grateful for anything specific at all.  Just as Jesus consistently gave thanks ahead of any manifestation, our graceful heart appreciates the very Presence of the Divine, the fact of our creative power and purpose.  We are grateful to realize ourselves as true and complete expressions of that Divine energy.   We are thankful as we appreciate the manifestations we create and enjoy.

So we’re thankful for things; we are grateful for nothing specific, but simply for the glorious Truth of our spiritual Power and Purpose.  May each of you feel today how very grateful I am for you—as powerful and spiritual aware individuals, and as the essential element that deepens and supports the ministry of Spirit Expressing.  And may you relax into the special energy of the day, with family or friends or alone.  We’re about to give birth to a new dimension of awareness of our diving Truth.  It’s good to begin with a grateful heart, appreciating everything we have experienced, and the loved ones with whom we have met and shared. 


Rev Ed

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