Have a Holy Halloween!

 Long before any Christian holidays had been established, and long before it had been relegated to a minor celebration primarily for children, Halloween was a spiritual observance of the highest order.  I think in recent years we’ve seen its spiritual meaning increasing significantly once again.  And that’s a good thing!  Before we give thanks for the year drawing to a close, before we celebrate the Winter Solstice, before the birth in each of us of an expansive awareness of our Christ Self—before the depth and drama of the weeks to come, we take time to release the fears we may have accumulated in past months.  Because we don’t want to get too heavy about it, we face our fears by making light of them.  We dress up as our fears, perhaps, and we jump out of the shadows to scare each other before dissolving into the healing release of laughter.


Our next Spirit Expressing Gathering will be this Sunday, November 1—All Saints Day, in fact, when the fears give way to a growing sense of love and appreciation to carry us through Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Metaphysically, we are all saints—conscious spiritual beings moving through this human experience, ‘in the world but not of it,’ knowing that every choice is an opportunity to exercise our creative power and manifest the perfect kingdom of Spirit.


Please allow this week to unfold for you in wonderful ways as you enjoy the gifts of the season—and plan to join us for our Gathering Sunday, November 1 at 10:00 am at the Center for Progressive Therapies at 192 Hartford Road (across from Cheney Hall) in Manchester.


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