Safely Home


I think I’m slowly coming out of the fog I’ve been in since returning from Jimmy Twyman’s peace pilgrimage to Israel.  Part of the fog was simple jet lag, but even more of it has been a kind of spiritual hangover—a reaction to the intense energy of the peace event itself and the week of centering, exploring and experiencing the many wonderful people who were coming together to afSafely Homefirm the power of peace in the face of encroaching shadows.

I had a rich opportunity to share some of my memories and impressions last Sunday at Unity in the City in Brookline, MA, whose loving tithe made my participation possible. (A recording of that talk will be posted later this week at ­  And I’m continuing to be in touch with many of the eleven other peace pilgrims who joined Jimmy for this remarkable event.  (It ‘just happened’ that we were twelve in number!)

I find myself looking back on the experience from two perspectives at once. First, I have many individual memories of the days and evenings as they unfolded.  And second, I find those memories forming themselves into patterns and linkages that suggest a broader, deeper understanding of the spiritual energies that were powerfully underlying the various events.

I’ll try to be a bit more lucid when we hold our next Gathering this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. at the Center for Progressive Therapies, 192 Hartford Road in Manchester.  Spirit Expressing was supportive of my trip, through both prayers and contributions; it will be exciting to discuss it with all of you, and to continue last Monday’s focus on the omnipresent power of peace.

I know you were holding us all in your prayer energy for a safe experience and safe return.  Mission accomplished.  And here’s a brief responsive reading I wrote, and shared at the peace vigil as we went into the fifteen minutes of silence.  My intention was twofold:  to affirm who we know ourselves to be, and what we are choosing to do together in the world.

We are the spring of life-giving water. We refresh all those who grow weary.

We are the manna from heaven. We feed those who hunger for love.

We are the life everlasting. We bring joy to all those who fear death.

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