Dear Friends,

One of my Sunday quirks is that I always find time to check out the Weddings section of the New York Times.  Weird, I know.  I don’t know these people, and chances are our paths will never cross.  I just like to skim each listing:  What does each do professionally? Where’d they go to school?  Where did they meet?  That’s about it (although I do take a moment to appreciate the same-sex couples, who would not have been included not so long ago!).

‘Tis the season, of course; the number of reported ceremonies is dramatically increasing each week. This season bridging spring and summer seems to turn everyone’s fancy to thoughts of love.

So it seems appropriate that Love is the Power of focus for June at Unity in the City in Brookline, MA, where I lead services on the first and third Sundays of each month. (By the way, my Sunday talks there can now be seen and heard on YouTube, easily accessed through

We’re dedicating this year tothe Charles Fillmore teachings on the Twelve Powers, finding as we go that his spiritual work, nownearly a century old, continue to offer abundant spiritual guidance and understanding.

The Twelve Powers, I believe, are not a spiritual gimmick; nor are they meant to be confined to our Youth Ministries, helpful l though they are in teaching basic Unity .

 I’m not personally so interested in the physical center associated with each Power, nor with which disciple embodied which Power.  I suspect Mr. Fillmore himself, if he were continuing his spiritual work among us yet today, would suggest that we put our emphasis elsewhere.

Today these Powers help me understand how the infinite Spirit that I AM communicates with the ego mind whose fear-based limitations no longer define my sense of self.  Ego mind should not be dismissed out of hand; it is as much a part of Spirit as is all of life.  It’s just that it can no longer be used as the source of my mortal choices.  That was the case through many painful years, but it no longer serves.

Where, then, do I find the source for my creative choices?  That’s where the Twelve Powers come in.  They translate ego mind to Spirit, and Spirit to ego mind.  And the more I appreciate the Powers, the easier it is for my Spirit and ego to work together, more-or-less harmoniously.  This is an infinitely more comfortable state of affairs than feeling them to be in constant warfare as I move through a day.

There’s much more to say on this topic, and I will—once my own thoughts can sort themselves out.  Meanwhile, I invite you to consider this affirmation:

Today I AM deeply grateful for the harmony of consciousness as I allow my ego mind to do its work, within the loving embrace of the Spirit I AM.

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