There are no words…

behind.  We can’t close ourselves into our separate homes; we must step up, step out, clasp hands and feel the Power that cannot be denied or overcome.

The great challenge, of course, is to speak Truth without anger or fear.  To do otherwise would only deepen the shadows we want to dissolve.  But where can the power of Love be found in the wake of this senseless massacre?  It has to flow from our individual hearts.  And it has to take root in the collective heart energy that arises when we join together to say, “No more.”

The Power of Love is deeper, stronger and more creative than the softer feelings and emotions we associate with the word.  The Power of Love is the energy that defines our spiritual purpose in this shared mortal experience.  And it is in the Power of Love that we find the spiritual strength to stand together and choose to dissolve the fear.

Grief is an essential part of the Power of Love; it’s our love that causes us to grieve its apparent loss.  As we grieve from a distant, so do we embrace with a sense of immediacy those who died, those who are injured, their families and friends.  We embrace all those present who were not injured but for the emotional scars that will slowly heal.  We embrace the first responders and every police man and woman who truly served for all of us. 

And let’s also take a moment to embrace, without knowing who they may be, any fellow Spirit Beings who feel so lost in the dark that lashing out in rage to take the lives of others seems the only alternative.  Let’s assure them they are not as alone as they feel.  Let’s invite them to join us in a circle of infinite Lov 

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