Making Big Plans

Dear Friends, The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, according to Scottish poet Robert Burns.(And, of course, we read ‘men’ in an omnisexual way.)

I can’t speak for mice, but I know that I prove the truth of this statement on a daily basis. I make a detailed agenda for the day or elaborate plans for an evening or holiday. I’m sure I’ve covered every contingency, thought of every angle. And then suddenly, from out of nowhere, comes an unexpected complication and I find my life up in the air.  Again.

What is this? Why do our best-laid plans fall apart unexpectedly? Is it that there’s a malevolent force in the universe out to get us?

No. There is only the IAM, our unique expression of the infinite.  It’s our reluctance to claim our full spiritual Power that is the source of all confusion.

Our fearful, ego-based thoughts compel us to insist on total control over people, places, and things in our lives. The infinite Spirit that is our true identity, however, is relaxed, centered, open to the joy—sometimes quiet, sometimes explosive—of this eternal moment. How often has an apparent setback to our carefully-constructed plans actually led us to greater joy than our own plans would have offered!

It’s good to plan a day or a life. But it’s essential to leave room for the Divine Surprise that will always bring us a taste of the kingdom!

AFFIRMATION:  My plans for the day are clear but free-flowing, open to whatever fresh and unexpected creative experience may be eager to express as my Divine Surprise.

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