There are certain signs, certain thoughts or attitudes that we can recognize immediately as roadblocks on our spiritual path. At least, we can recognize them immediately if we choose to; sometimes we seem to prefer the roadblock message of fear and judgment. But it gets easier with practice to dissolve the roadblock and move on.

There is one statement that I have learned to recognize within me as a clear warning that I am choosing the roadblock, instead of the road forward. That statement is this: “It’s the principle of the thing!”  It means that I can’t forgive; I need to judge. I need to hang on to anger or resentment because “It’s the principle of the thing.”

A Course in Miracles asks the pointed question, “Would you rather be right — or be happy?” When I am clinging self-righteously to “the principle of the thing,” I am adamantly insisting on being right, at the tremendous expense of feeling very unhappy.

This is not an efficient use of my life, my energy or the power of my heart. “The principle of the thing” may cause me to seek to the choices of someone else, but by far the greatest damage is done to me.

Today I release my eagerness to judge according to rigid, fear-based principle. I center myself in the Power of my heart, and I see everything and everyone from the perspective of divine love.

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