Along for the Ride

So.  Another week, another shocking expression of darkness, and a growing frustration that our collective consciousness seems so reluctant to learn painful lessons and make new choices.

Yes, we continue to enfold these tragedies in our prayers, affirming that their negative energy will never overcome the infinite power of Love that is our eternal spiritual Truth.  And still, we cannot deny the fear and hopelessness that seize our ego minds as these expressions of rage, judgment and seriously misplaced religious arrogance continue to play out. 

I wrote last week that hope does not have a specific object, but is rather a universal spiritual intention.  Our present danger, I think, is that we may allow hopelessness to become equally generic, allowing an accumulation of painful dramas to become a pervasive, formless energy of fear and grief.  Nothing is ever hopeless—not in our own lives, and not in the human experience we create together.

I don’t often quote from my own writings, but I hope you’ll allow it this once.  I wrote an essay for Unity’s 2015 Advent booklet,  All Is Calm, All Is Bright.  I could never have imagined as I wrote it (months ago) that its basic message might take on a special resonance as this year’s Advent season unfolds.  (The booklet is available at; click on ‘Free Publications’ and you can either download it or have a copy sent to you.)  My central point is that the process of surrendering to the birth of new dimensions is never easy.  These are the final sentences:  

­­­The confusion we may feel—the resistance, frustration, and impatience we will inevitably experience en route to Bethlehem—is not a sign that we are somehow doing it wrong. It’s a sign that we are, indeed, doing what we are called to do. We journey in a state of creative confusion, in the final stages of giving birth to a new spark of Light.  …The darkness goes along for the ride, but the Light is guaranteed.

The darkness is clearly along for the ride this Advent season.  And the spark of new light that is Christmas is absolutely guaranteed. 

Clearly we’ll have much to discuss at the Spirit Expressing Gathering this Sunday, December 6.  As always, we’ll gather at 10:00 am in the central room of the Center for Progressive Therapies, 192 Hartford Avenue in Manchester.  Meanwhile, here’s an affirmation that may guide us from now to then.

I AM a radiant center of peace and healing.  I look past all shadows of fear and conflict to the certainty that infinite spiritual Light is always expanding through me and expressing in the world as love, appreciation and creative possibility.

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