Just Imagine

­­­Just Imagine

We tend to place imagination in the company of wishes and dreams—and that’s not entirely wrong, I guess.  But wishes and dreams are not among the Twelve Powers that Charles Fillmore defined as essential elements of our spiritual Selves.  Imagination is.  So there must be more to it than we often think.  Is imagination as a spiritual power different from the gentle energy we like to sing about?  And how does it figure in the ministry of Jesus—and in the Bible as a whole?

These and other questions will, as usual, serve as a springboard for lively discussion at the Spirit Expressing Gathering this Sunday at 10 am.  The location once again will be the central room of the Center for Progressive Therapies—with a fireplace!—at 192 Hartford Road in Manchester.  (It’s really centrally located, just across from Cheney Hall.)

As always, we’ll discuss, meditate, laugh a lot and maintain a prayer focus for personal and global issues.  Hope you can join us!

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