A Total Eclipse of the Heart

Dear Friends,

I think the total solar eclipse last Monday was a well-timed reminder that we are all fellow voyagers on a fragile planet in a large solar system that is itself an infinitesimal part of a vast universe.  Even just watching the total eclipse on television generated a sense of awe that offered a welcome breather from the various tensions of recent weeks.

At the same time that the eclipse was inviting us to appreciate the vastness of space, it was equally expressive, I think, of the intimate immediacy of our spiritual Oneness with the infinite power of Love.  If a unique but simple juxtaposition in the heavens can cause us to pause in our anxious focus on immediate issues that seem to separate us from each other, it should be possible to allow the unique beauty of each day to generate a similar sense of awe and shared appreciation.

In Truth, of course, we are the collective creators of this entire mortal experience—eclipses very much included.  That means that there are no stars, moons or planets whose relative positions define our happiness.  Rather the opposite is true: It is the Love we truly are that creates opportunities to remember, experience and share together, whenever we choose to make those choices.


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