“What I say to you I say to all,” Jesus tells his disciples at Mark 13:37, “Watch!”   It’s an instruction he repeats a number of times, as recorded in all four traditional gospels.


But watch what?  Many think it means that we should be on the watch for signs of upheaval and imminent disaster in the world around us.  But surely we, as spiritual Being, did not come into this experience of mortality simply to be reactive to events as they unfold. 

Jesus always taught that our focus must be inward; we are here to use the Spirit we are to create a new consciousness of infinite love.  To fulfill that purpose we must be vigilant about the thoughts within, in our ego mind.  That is where resistance lies.

 I’ve adapted a brief poem that I find useful whenever I’m tempted—it happens often—to blame the outer world for my inner distress.  No one knows its origins, but it could certainly have come from Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Ralph Waldo Emerson or, indeed, Charles Fillmore.  It teaches a universal Truth.

Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
Watch your words; they become your choices.
Watch your choices; they become your habits.
Watch your habits;
 they become your faith.
Watch your faith; it creates your life.

 I think this a clear statement of the creative process that is our entire purpose for being in this human experience.  Whatever happens in the outer world will be defined by the creative faith we bring to it.  Our thoughts become words, and our words become creative choices.  Those choices begin to form into habits—patterns of thought that define what we are choosing to believe—about ourselves, about our Source, about our spiritual Truth.  And it is that faith that comes into expression as our individual and collective life experience.

There’s nothing wrong in this process, of course.  It defines our spiritual purpose: We are here precisely to create an expanded expression of universal spiritual Truth,  and this is the blueprint for accomplishing that glorious goal.  It's our Spiritual 'How It Works'.  And it will work most effectively, expressing the infinite Love that is our Truth, as long as we remain alert to the thoughts we choose, and the words we speak.


Today, like a shepherd tending the flock, I keep watch over my thoughts, my words, my choices and my habits.  I feel within me the gentle power to make any changes necessary—new words, new thoughts, new choices—to make them more purely expressive of my spiritual power and purpose.  Thank you, God!

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