So This Is Christmas

I have no real interest in reliving my life in all its bumpy, chaotic entirety.  But I do sometimes wish I could revisit my Christmases.


It’s not that I, like Scrooge, would see something there that I’ve lost along the way.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  Iwould love to take the spiritual awareness I have today back to all those Christmases past. They would have been so much more meaningful in the moment if I had allowed the Christ to be born in me as I celebrated its birth as Jesus in that long-ago manger.


 As the seventeenth-century mystic poet Angelus Silesiu expressed it,, “Christ may a thousand times in Bethlehem be born; if it is not born in me, my soul is still forlorn.” I think that, so long as we remain in these human forms, there will always be more of our true Christ Nature to discover and express.  There will always be more Light waiting to be born. It’s a compelling energy on virtually all spiritual paths, from Hanukkah to Kwanzaa to the essential earth rhythms of the Winter Solstice.


And yes, there have been truly wonderful dimensions of Light ‘born’ in our awareness through every
Christmas past, whether we knew it at the time or not. Would each year’s experience have been richer if we had, in fact, known what was truly going on?  Maybe.  Certainly I would be tempted to revisit each year’s celebration if I could.  Was there something I missed?  Could I have cooperated more with the Light seeking to express through me?


And yet here we are again—singing our carols, lighting our candles, brightening our homes, gathering together to share the love and joy of the season.  And here am I, very grateful for the awareness I bring to Christmas 2016, and eager to experience the new aspects of Light that will be mine to express during the coming year.


And so, I hope, are you.  Grateful and eager.

Appreciative of traditions and memories from the past, we move into a new year fully aware that the new dimensions of Light we embrace this Christmas require a deeper commitment to being the light—choice by creative, loving choice—in the year to come.


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