About That 'Dominion'...

We’re told in Genesis that we have “dominion” over the planet and the forms of life that share it with us.  A great deal of damage has been done through centuries of assuming that ‘dominion’ meant that we could do whatever we chose, without regard for consequences. 


But it is a basic spiritual law that choices have consequences.  If we choose to put our own perceived needs ahead of all other considerations, the consequence will be the forced extinction of many unique, beautiful and important expressions of life.  And if we refuse to learn from the negative consequences of our previous choices, the ultimate result will be a planet so ravaged and despoiled as to be inhospitable to life at all.


“Dominion” is not a license to make selfish choices without regard to consequences.  It implies a sense of responsibility.  We hold dominion over life on this planet because we alone possess the ability to threaten or eliminate it.  That power carries with it great responsibility to make wise, loving, life-affirming choices – realizing that we are part of an intricate interdependency of life forms, all expressions of the divine.


Let us affirm a personal commitment to making loving, healthy and responsible choices that will heal our planet’s wounded spirit and create a healthy, radiant world that honors all of life as unique and essential expressions of the divine.  Thank you, God!



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