Flying New Flags

What a tumultuous time we are experiencing!  It’s hard to remember a time when we seemed so confused about choices between love and hate. We seem divided, not only by present controversies, but by attitudes toward flags and statues and other symbols of our past.

It’s all part of our shared human experience, so it’s only natural that we react to the drama unfolding wherever we turn.  We admire and appreciate the faith-filled commitments of time, work and steadfastness that bring important expressions of love into expression.  And we face with loving firmness those expressions of fear-based negativity that seem to hold us back.

We also, I think, need to take some time to own our individual roles in this great drama.  I find myself turning within  to see how many banners from my own past are still flying in my consciousness.  I was not surprised, I guess, to find that there were quite a few, hidden in corners or tucked away in closets.  In general I am choosing daily to take down old banners of addiction, fear, judgment, righteous anger—all those flags I once accepted as a permanent part of my very identity.  Yet the work continues; every rash judgment or angry reaction tells me there’s a little flag still flying somewhere in the shadows, where fear is still celebrated and love is still feared.

I’m glad that we are collectively reconsidering flags and symbols linked to the limited beliefs of the past.  And I’m grateful for the opportunity to find the flags and symbols hidden away in my own consciousness, and lovingly but firmly take them down.

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