Be Prepared

Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!  It’s the Boy Scouts’ marching song!” to quote the great Tom Lehrer.  Of course, it has become much more than a marching song through the years.  Spilling over from scout meetings into our collective consciousness, it has become one of society’s most frequently affirmed mantras from childhood forward, a banner to march behind through our many and varied human experiences.  Be Prepared!

It’s certainly a very good idea.  Your house might catch fire, so have an escape plan.  You may have an accident, so keep a first aid kit handy.  You might lose your job, so always maintain a nest egg, just in case.  Be Prepared!  Can’t argue with that!

But why do we always assume that we should focus on being prepared only for the worst that might happen?  What if we decided to Be Prepared for the best that might happen?  What would that even look like?  Well, we could pack a suitcase so we’re prepared in case an opportunity comes along to travel.  We could buy a king-sized bed, in case a relationship should appear on the horizon.  We could open a new savings account, in case we win the lottery. 

The Truth is, our choices about what to prepare for are expressions of our faith—both personal and collective.  They define the life we expect to experience.  Jesus taught and demonstrated consistently that it is our faith in our own divinity that creates wholeness and abundance, and it is faith in fearful possibilities that manifests as illness and lack.

It’s important to note that Jesus never judged the choices anyone was making, nor should we.  All choices are equally Good because, as we affirm in our first spiritual principle, only Good exists.  And that awareness gives us the freedom to accomplish our spiritual work here in mortal form in any way we choose, without fear of somehow getting it wrong.  The only necessary response to any experience that comes our way is to affirm, “Show me the Good.”  It’s always there.

So what do you believe about the quality of your life?  What thoughts, images or feelings come immediately to mind?  What could you do today that will help you with that creative experience when it appears?   Remember, you will always be expressing the perfection that you are.  Just Be Prepared!


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