Out of Order

Dear Friends,

Given the events careening around us this summer, I think it’s quite appropriate that our Twelve Power focus for August is ORDER. 

I used to think of Order as a fairly boring power.  Now I often cling to it as a life raft!  Perhaps appreciation grows with age.  It is Order that allows me to remain centered in the midst of turmoil, knowing that there is a Divine Order available if I’m willing to surrender to it.  I think that the feeling of being comfortable and at peace in the midst of challenging situations is one of the greatest gifts of our spiritual awakening.

This doesn’t mean that we simply ‘sit back’ and allow the challenge to run its course without contributing any energy to its resolution.  We will be talking this Sunday about how we can discern what is ours to do and what is not.  I hope you’ll join us; I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a bit more Order!


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