Yes, There Is Peace on Earth!

Dear Friends,

I’ve learned to be very cautious whenever my ego mind decides it knows what my next steps should be.  It might be a valid choice, rooted in love.  It might also be a dubious choice, rooted in fear.  It can often be challenging to discern one from the other. (My ego mind does a great Spirit impersonation.)

The greatest assurance I can ever have that I am heading toward a spiritually valid new experience is when ego mind had nothing to do with it at all—and often, in fact, thinks it’s a terrible idea.  Ministerial school is one prominent example in my life; it happened despite my ego mind’s constant insistence that it was unthinkable.

All of this personal history explains why I am so very certain that I am meant to join Jimmy Twyman and company on his peace mission to the Middle East next week.  The possibility of going had never occurred to me, although I was deeply resonant with the project from the time I first learned of it as I worked with Jimmy on the Unity movie project that will be occupying us both for the coming year.

When the possibility of going was first suggested, my immediate choice was … to do nothing!  I could not possibly trust ego mind to make a valid choice in such a complex question.  If it’s meant to be, I decided, it will present itself to me with no ego-based effort on my part. 

Some very loving and supportive people have chosen, both individually and collectively, to make the possibility a reality.  My spiritual community of Unity in the City in Brookline MA, in particular, is absolutely clear that I should be there for this important, resonant affirmation of Truth in the face of shadow illusions. 

I leave a week from tomorrow, January 26th, and will return on February 2.  The trip (my first to Israel) will include time and tours in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and elsewhere.  It will reach a spiritual climax on the border of Israel and Syria as an interfaith gathering of people from all parts of the world come together to affirm the absolute and eternal Presence of peace. 

I know there is some discussion within the ranks of Unity as to whether such a peace event is even appropriate.  Are we not giving power to the shadows?  Well, not if we’re choosing to see through them to the Light of Truth.  I don’t see how we can make the new spiritual choices that will bring the kingdom of heaven into expression if we insist that our present choices are just fine.  Jesus did not, as I read him, teach us to ignore the shadows and focus solely on the Light.  He suggested we recognize the shadows by allowing the Light to lovingly dissolve them.  We will not be bringing peace to the Middle East.  We will be affirming that it is already abundantly present, and choosing to celebrate that Truth,

I’ll have much more to say going forward.  I will, of course, hope for your prayer support through the whole experience.  And fundraising is still ongoing; if you feel led to offer a tithe or gift, you can most easily do that by going to the Spirit Expressing website and clicking on the Contribute button to go to PayPal. 


Rev Ed

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