It’s not new news to anyone that progress on our spiritual journey can be challenging. On the other hand, it’s sometimes easier than we expected it to be.

The essence of spiritual unfoldment lies not in what we learn, but in what we discover that we already know. This means that books, workshops and teachers of all types may help us affirm the Truth of who we are, but nothing we find, learn or discover outside ourselves will add anything to our identity as the Allness of God in expression. Truly, in many ways we make our shared journey more complicated that it need be. 

But ­­­­the simplicity with which we express as the light of God doesn’t mean that no effort is involved. In fact, given the complexity and uncertainty of the world  we’re creating ­­­­around us today, holding to a centered sense of serenity and simplicity may be the hardest work of all.

Stilling the shrill and constant input from our “five senses” consciousness, focusing our hearts and minds on the still, centered presence of God within us — this is work indeed. It’s simple, but it’s still work. It requires practice, desire and patience.

Whatever else may be on today’s schedule, I know that my primary job is to do the work required to still the fears of my mind and strengthen the message of my heart. 

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