New Schedule to Launch Spirit Expressing’s 25th Year!


Dear Friends,

For the past quarter century Spirit Expressing has been nothing if not flexible!  From its start in Portland OR in 1991 through years in Chicago, Dallas and Hartford, we have been an integral part of four Unity ministries, bringing drama, film, visual arts, classes, workshops and other creative expressions into the traditional Unity structure. 

For the past four years Spirit Expressing has been a stand-alone spiritual community centered in Manchester CT, with a number of different homes and meeting places.  Now we have a welcome—and welcoming—home in the Center for Progressive Therapies, 192 Hartford Road in Manchester. 

We’re going to continue to be flexible as this anniversary year unfolds.  We always want to serve the needs and schedules of the community; so we’re going to try several possibilities going forward.

Our first January gathering will be held at the Center on Wednesday, January 13 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  A number of you have indicated that weekend mornings are difficult, and that a midweek gathering would work better.  So we’ll give it a shot.

For our second January gathering we’ll come together Sunday morning, January 24, from 10:00 am to noon – again at the Center for Progressive Therapies.  The hope is that by trying both possible meeting times in one month we’ll get a clearer sense of what works best. 

The theme for both gatherings will be The Spirit of Twelve:  Powers, Steps, Traditions and Revelation.  As you may know, I am working throughout this year with the author, filmmaker and peace activist Jimmy Twyman on his next film project—a celebration of the global reach of Unity, using Charles Fillmore’s Twelve Powers as a framework.  As you also know, the Twelve Steps recovery process has been essential to my own life and spiritual growth for more than 40 years.  And, of course, the ‘twelves’ in the Revelation to John are central to my last book, Kingdom Come.

So…  I’m sensing a convergence of twelves that may help us understand the mortal complexities and spiritual awareness that will guide us through 2016 and beyond.  Let’s get together and share possibilities for both celebrating our silver anniversary and deepening our spiritual commitment as the year unfolds.  Meanwhile, a very happy new year to each of you, and a happy anniversary to the focused and powerful spiritual community of which each of us is an essential part.


Rev Ed

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