Spirit Expressions


Who would you be without your story? This was the overall theme of my time with Byron Katie last month, and it continues to be a powerful, intensely practical question—both in my own life and as a useful tool as I counsel and work with others.  

It’s really astounding how closely we associate ourselves with our stories. Even when we truly believe we’ve left the story and its limitations behind, we continue to see ourselves as the story of how we’re no longer the story! Disentangling ourselves from the story isn’t difficult, but it takes constant vigilance.


Who are we without our story? We are spiritual beings, living in a friendly universe of infinite possibility. To compromise that statement in any way—to add any adjectives, any qualifiers at all—is to pull yourself back into your story. And that’s OK—our stories are both useful and highly entertaining. Our stories are rich and juicy; we love to revisit and retell them, polishing them a little brighter each time we do.


It’s all good—as long as you never lose sight of the truth of who you are. Without your story, you are a perfect being of infinite light, love and power.


Today I appreciate my story for the ways in which it allows me to move through this life experience productively and joyfully. And I gratefully return, at every opportunity, to that place of Being in which I know myself as a perfect expression of the Divine.

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