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I was walking Bentley, my Welsh corgi, this morning and, for the first time, we ventured on a path into a heavily wooded area adjoining our new apartment complex. As we quickly moved out of sight of any signs of civilization, I suddenly remembered how much I had loved ‘the woods’ as a kid.  

Sometimes friends and I would play games there—tag, pirates. But I most vividly remember being there alone. Left to my own imagination, the woods became a wonderland of rich possibilities. In my mind I could create castles or caves, danger or safety, solitary retreats or vast arenas—all from the natural elements already present. The ordinary became mysterious and rich, with just the exercise of my imagination..


I think the same possibility greets us at the dawn of every day. We live in a friendly universe of infinite possibility. We can make of it what we will. We can use the ordinary elements we see around us—home, tree, office, flower—to create a world of love, joy and abundance. Or we can use those same elements to create a world of danger, lack and boredom. This friendly universe is eager to express as friendly life experiences, but it won’t force them on us. The choice is always ours.


Today I choose to allow this friendly universe to express in my life as joy, abundance and infinite possibility.

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