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We used to believe that our lives become fuller and richer as we focus on areas of lack and concentrate on bringing more abundance to those areas. We might pray to God in the distance or call forth a power from within ourselves; in either case, we were trying to bring a spiritual force to bear, to fill the perceived lack.  

I’m sure all of us have had some degree of success with this approach. Prayer works, and simply being willing to call on a higher power - within ourselves or beyond the universe - cannot fail to produce results. But the work was intense, and the results often didn’t feel permanent, or even spiritually appropriate.


Slowly we have come to a new understanding of creative process – new to us, that is. It’s an understanding that Jesus tried to communicate two centuries ago.


It’s a simple but profound reversal of what we thought we knew. Our lives become fuller and richer not by focusing on what’s missing, but by appreciating the fullness and richness that are already expressing. That energy of appreciation seems to magnetize all the good in our lives, and even more good is drawn to us as a result. This is the power of truly knowing that we live in a friendly universe.


Today I pause to deeply appreciate the good in my life - my home, my friends, my work, my interests and opportunities. I know that the good continues to expand, as I am open to receive it, and I am grateful. Thank You God.


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