“Choose This Day!”

“Choose This Day!”


“Our thoughts are prayers,” we sing in our spiritual communities, “and we are always praying.” That creative process is always expressing through us, choice by choice by choice.


It’s almost scary, isn’t it?  Each of us is a 24/7 creation machine, whether we keep that Truth in mind or not. There are no idle thoughts; even in our quiet times we are expressing our faith with every thought we choose.  And there are times when that creative power becomes so strong and expressive that even our fear-focused  ego minds are impressed.  We find ourselves standing in awe at the spiritual love that is always at work in and through us, and realize that there is truly nothing to fear.


One of my favorite such moments in the Bible comes in Joshua 24. Joshua has led the Hebrew nation across the Jordan River and through a series of battles with the various tribes already living there.  Their Promised Land has been divided among the Twelve Tribes, and they are about to separate, for the first time in a generation, and depart for their new homes. 


Joshua’s final act is to call one final meeting of the entire people.  He reminds them of the amazing journey they’ve made—from slavery in Egypt through forty years in the wilderness to where they are standing in that moment.  And he offers one last directive:  “Choose this day whom you will serve!”  That primary choice will define the nature of everything that follows.


As Joshua sees it, the people have three choices:  They can cling to blind obedience to rules and beliefs from earlier in their history, “beyond the River, and in Egypt.”   They can adopt the practical but limited beliefs of the Amorites, already resident in the land.   Or they can choose to have faith in the Lord of their being to guide them going forward, choice by choice, so that their consciousness will be changing and expanding with every creative choice and in every Spirit-filled moment.


I see the same three options facing me today. 


I can cling to ‘knowing what I know,’ blindly applying old beliefs to new experiences, trying to make the present as much like the past as possible.  This is what I would call a ‘cookie cutter consciousness.’  Those who make this choice long for the ‘good old days’ when things were more organized and everyone understood and accepted who they were—and who they were not. But I’ve learned, I hope, that my spiritual path is always forward, never back.


A second choice would be to embrace the beliefs of the Amorites—the believers in judgment, fear and duality that are all around me. They are the voices that embrace—and, In fact, create—drama and conflict at pretty much every opportunity.  They react to the world with anger, judgment and fear, as if it had a true ‘reality’ beyond what we give it.  I can find Amorite consciousness everywhere—on every street corner, in both liberal and conservative media, and especially in passionate, furious postings on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.


The third option is to allow my true Spirit to gently dissolve the fear and resistance in ego mind, and guide me lovingly forward. Spirit doesn’t ignore or dismiss the concerns and experiences of our shared human experience.  It simply knows always that there is nothing to fear and everything to love.


This is simple stuff; it presents itself in the early days of the Bible, and the early days of our own journey.  But it’s easy to forget the simple Truth that we are always choosing among the three options.  Whichever we’re choosing in any given moment, we observe it without judgment and embrace it in love. 


Choose this day whom you will serve,” Jonah directs the Hebrew nation in words that ring with the same urgency today.“  No fear-based beliefs in the dramas of yesterday or today have a role in the kingdom we are in the process of creating.  It is only by surrendering, day by day and choice by choice, to the guidance and understanding of our Christ Self that the kingdom will become our life experience.  Blessings!


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