Spirit Expressions

The Answer Is Always Forgiveness

Dear Friends, Like President Obama, we must all surely feel a little weary as we move once again through the all-too-familiar pattern of shock, anger, grief for the lives lost and sorrow for friends and family left to mourn.  Is there anyone new to blame?  Any new solutions we might stumble upon?


Is it time perhaps to remember again that we are not onlookers?  We are victims ourselves, because we still insist on seeing ourselves as victims—victims of the NRA, victims of politicians more focused on funding and winning the next election than on accomplishing anything for the good of us all between now and then.  And so long as we believe in the victimization, we are helping to create it.


So please spare me the social media messages of outrage and accusation.  Spare me the posters and images, the statistics about what a small minority it is who still believe that the best approach to ending this repetitive drama is to provide more people with more guns.  And spare me the implicit belief that only a Superbeing named God can intervene and save us from ourselves.


This challenge is what every challenge is, really:  a lack of faith in ourselves as loving expressions of creative, infinite Spirit. Can we heal this insanity?  Of course we can.  We created it!  The outer insanity is an expression of our inner fears.  We must forgive ourselves for being fearful and angry—for lashing out at ourselves and others out of a sense of frustration and inadequacy.


Perhaps then we can begin forgiving the perpetrators for expressing in the world the sense of anguish and victimization that we try to keep locked up within.  And then—here’s the hard part—we might forgive the NRA and the politicians, and the system we’ve created that allows them to flounder.  If we can reach that point, we will find both the peace and the power within ourselves to replace fear with love wherever we see a chance.


If this makes little sense, I’m sorry. It’s just that if I stop to re-read it, I’ll probably talk myself out of sending it.  So let us pray, indeed—for the open-hearted clarity that allows us to truly be the love we know is the only solution.


We’ll share more at the Spirit Expressing Gathering this Sunday at 10:00 am in the Center for Progressive Therapies, 192 Hartford Road in Manchester CT.  As always, we’ll apply universal spiritual principle to specific challenges through discussion, prayer and meditation.  I hope you can be there.  And whether in person or from a distance, I hope you’ll join us as we lovingly decide to continue the work of dissolving the fear and embracing the Light.


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