Spirit Expressions

Some Thoughts on Peace and the Ego

I find a quick tour through social media to be always interesting, and sometimes a bit alarming.  It’s not that I’m unexpectedly exposed to shocking negative energies; it’s that even the most loving and well-intended posts are frequently rooted in a barely conscious, fear-based belief in duality. And that, I think, defines the next great step forward as we learn to truly be the spiritual Power we eternally are.  

Nowhere is this more evident than in issues of peace and conflict.  A desire for peace has been with us as long as war has been a part of our shared experience.  In our own recent history, many of us have demanded it, voted for it, affirmed it in candlelit gatherings and marched our intention for peace through the streets and into often violent confrontations.  And yet conflict persists.  As a result, we may feel ourselves the victims of those who, for selfish or fear-based reasons, insist on the necessity of waging war in its various forms and expressions.  In effect, our desire for an end to conflict can create more conflict!


That energy of affirming for peace by opposing its opposite has been an important step in releasing victim consciousness around the whole issue.  We recognize that peace is a choice.  Instead of demanding peace from governments and leaders, we claim our own creative ability to manifest a world of peace, beginning in our own consciousness.


“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”  That’s not a beseeching prayer, it’s a creative intention.  And when we join together in this affirmation of powerful possibility, we magnify the impact of our individual efforts.  But those efforts are still based in an assumption that peace must ‘win out’ over opposing energies.


Here’s a realization I’ve come to recently:  There is no peace in ego mind, and there cannot be!  Peace doesn’t make sense to an ego mind that believes drama and conflict are the essence of life.  If we are trying to bring peace to ego mind we will be constantly frustrated.  It can effortlessly turn our desire for peace into a new conflict with those who see things differently.


Peace is totally a quality of Spirit—the higher consciousness that sees far beyond the limited perspective of ego.  And it’s not a quality to be obtained; it’s a Presence to be affirmed and appreciated.  I’m finding for myself that there is great release in letting go of my efforts to make peaceful choices in ego mind—and great possibility in the enormous rush of creative energy that becomes available to me as a result.


In my own meditations I allow the spiritual Truth of peace to gently enfold my ego mind—so gently that it perceives no threat and erects no defense.  As with all of my infinite Spirit qualities, I release my limited human efforts to use it or express it in any specific ways.  I allow myself to be Peace, and I allow it to flow and express as it will.  My focus is on appreciating its Presence, on recognizing that peace is not a tool to be used to achieve human goals; it is spiritual Truth that can never be absent, never be limited—not matter how strongly ego mind may insist otherwise.


Today I welcome the opportunity to leave behind ego thoughts of anger, judgment, conflict and fear.  I gratefully move to the higher perspective of the Spirit that I AM, to appreciate myself as a perfect expression of peace, and to make peace my contribution to the world we create together. 

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