Spirit Expressions

How It Works

The divine law underlying all of life is not complicated. It is knowable, and easily do-able, and it is above all a law of Love. Our difficulty lies in the fact that divine law at our heart level often seems to be at variance with the logical read-outs we get from senses and intellect. Take, for example, the universal principle known as the Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.  

On one level this spiritual law seems to make sense. If everybody were following the Golden Rule, obviously we’d be in a wonderful world of consideration for others. But what about people who are (in my estimation, of course) treating me badly? Why should I do unto them more lovingly than they are ‘doing’ to me?  We must surrender to our inner Beingness to find a deeper level of meaning.


The Golden Rule is really about the proper flow of energy.  It’s like tithing. We receive energy back according to how we put energy out – whether that energy is expressed as money or as love, appreciation and respect. If we want abundance in any area of our lives, we must express abundance by putting that energy in motion. If we want to be appreciated, we must extend appreciation.  So the extent to which I do unto others will allow a flow of the same energy to me.  It may not come from the same person unto whom we are doing at the moment (I’m getting lost in this sentence!), but it will come.


We are never spiritually asked to sacrifice our own comfort and well-being for the sake of another.  We are asked to allow that loving energy to flow through us to others.  That’s how it works.


Today, I joyfully affirm the power of my Beingness  by sending it forth to serve others. Thank You, God.

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