Spirit Expressions

Bursting Bubbles of Allness

Fully grasping the implications of our spiritual principles—the awesomeness of spiritual Truth—is nearly as challenging as applying the principles in our human lives. And it’s increasingly clear, I think, that grasping them is essential. We can ‘act as if’ for quite a while; we can make choices in obedience to the principles instead of making choices in ignorance of them. That alone dramatically changes our lives for the better. But we’re not here in human form simply to live perfect lives. We were living a perfect existence before we got here! We are spiritually committed to more than that; and the time comes for each of us when we’re called to dig deeper and open wider. To do that we have to completely assimilate the Truth—to move from obedience to understanding, and then beyond. We have to ‘grok’ it. We have to become it, to truly feel the essence of Truth expressing as every cell in our human forms, every thought in our mortal minds.

When we’re applying Truth to our lives—and sharing that possibility with others—words are an essential resource. But I’m finding more and more that when it comes to going deeper, the very same words become an obstacle. Words themselves express duality. Words—any words, from nouns and verbs to all the words used to support them—define something apart from everything else. Words become little bubbles of Allness, each claiming a unique existence and importance.

This isn’t a problem, really. We don’t have to fix it or overcome it. We simply have to notice it as an interesting element of our spiritual work. In fact we’d be more comfortable, I think, if we could treat it as a problem to be solved; we like to have problems to solve. Simply to notice and take no action—well, that runs counter to everything we’ve been taught in this mortal realm. But it’s our greatest Power to be able and willing to see everything from the perspective of the Allness we are, having freed ourselves from the need to name, define or judge. There is no us/them. There is no me/it. And there are no words to create limits of any kind.

I find that I use words, not only to communicate something to others, but as a running monologue in my own mind, telling me what everything is and means, and how I should react. (If I’m the only one for whom that’s true, please disregard that last sentence.) So fully embracing my Oneness means that I move beyond the words within, as well as the words without. And I do this, not just in meditative times apart, but moment to moment as I move through each day, noticing the Good and all the ways it expresses In this friendly universe.

Is that even possible? Many wise teachers have assured us that it is. Is it comfortable? Not at first. When I’m able to reach this awareness of no-thing for even a fleeting moment, it feels like a mild electric shock to my system. String a few such moments together, and the shocks meld into a sort of tingly buzz. It’s wonderful—I think it’s exactly what I have been seeking all my life, through drugs and other artificial distractions. It’s astonishing to experience even a flicker of Allness after so much time spent in a kind of holy ignorance. Where have I been all my life?

And there I go again—trying to communicate the experience of Allness with dualistic words. We need to communicate it, of course. So, out of that necessity, we begin to appreciate other ways—a spark in someone else’s eyes, perhaps; or a gentle smile of shared awareness as we find ourselves seeing past a dualistic illusion to the Allness that is its Truth. There are no words. There is no need for words. The Allness is enough.


Rev Ed

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