The Principles of the Thing

As I look out my window at the wooded area next door, I see a mist of green that, I swear, wasn’t there yesterday. Seasonal transitions are slow and gradual, except when they’re not. There’s a moment, often a single night, when we pass irreversibly from one to the other—in this case from the last shreds of winter into the first true sign of spring. No matter how often it happens, it’s always a delightful surprise. I hope it always will be. Spirit Expressing is also beginning to blossom again, after a winter when my new hip and our challenging weather caused us to ‘hunker down’ for a while. Jeff Nickell and I are freshening the website. Terrie Waitt is continuing to keep our Facebook page current—and beautiful. Deb Giddings continues to preside over incoming tithes and outgoing blessings.

And I have spent much of this week prayerfully reviewing the Seven Principles that have been the spiritual foundation of Spirit Expressing from the outset. They are solid statements of spiritual Truth, both universal and eternal. They do not change. But, as we continue to dissolve more of the illusion of duality that has distracted us, our understanding of the Principles may change. In fact, it must change if we are truly fulfilling our spiritual purpose. We see them with fresh eyes, from a wider perspective. That proved to be very much the case as I read and meditated this week.

What surprised me most, I think, is that the changes I now see as necessary do not add anything to each Principle. Quite the opposite—each statement and description has become simpler. Words and logical explanations are part of the illusion. The experience of Truth gets clearer and more expansive, without so much of a need for explanation and description. It is. Just as I AM. Just as WE ARE. I know the revised Principles are simpler. I hope they speak with greater clarity.

The revised Seven Principles will be posted to the website very soon. First, though, I want us to discuss them together. They will be the focus of our Gathering this Sunday, May 3, at 11:00 a.m.—a seasonal review of who, in Truth, we are as Spirit Expressing. We’ll also discuss the future of our Gatherings in terms of time and place.

As before, we will gather at my home in the Hillside Terrace apartment complex at 130 Vernon Avenue in Vernon. After entering the complex (watch for a tall flagpole and a section of white picket fence at the entrance) take the first left and park in the visitors’ lot. Enter the corner door in the first building, and stay on the same floor. The hallway extends to the left, and my apartment is 1-H, about two-thirds down on the left. It’s easy to find; but if you get confused just call 214-789-1705 and someone will come out to guide you.

So have a glorious May Day weekend and, please, make the Spirit Expressing Gathering a joyful part of it!

Blessings! H

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