Spirit Expressions

And the Beat Goes On!

  Who would ever have thought, back in the misty days of my misspent youth, that I would ever be referencing Sonny & Cher in a spiritual message! Aren’t you kinda glad that we’re not able to see the Bigger Picture? Well, Cher is the very embodiment of the word ‘eternal,’ so maybe it’s not so surprising.

Anyway, the point I’m making is that being eternal spiritual Beings means that there is no Grand Finale. Ever. It seems every year that there should be some sort of vacation after Easter, before we start the next number in this great human Prom. But no. Resurrection may seem to be the last dance—and it  would certainly qualify as a big finish. But the beat goes on.

It’s a very familiar beat by now.. We appreciate the world we’re in, find something (or someone) particular that captures our interest. We explore, listen, learn lessons and finally identify the new creative step that seems to be ours to do. We encounter growing resistance, from within and without, leading up to our ego mind’s passionate insistence that this whatever-it-is will literally be the death of us.

Spirit Mind knows better, of course, and centered in its Truth we move—painfully but fearlessly—through the unavoidable crucifixion. Then comes a period of quiet expectation (that’s really more unnerving than the cross).  And then the big TA-DA! that is the resurrection.

And then? Well, maybe a nice dinner and a time to relax with loved ones who held the faith with us. Or didn’t. Maybe some binge watching to catch up on what everyone else has been talking about while we were busy with creation.

But even as we relax, we’re already starting to look around a bit, aren’t we? What’s next? What opportunity will we be offered this time to contribute to the creation of the Kingdom? And the beat goes on.

More and more deeply I understand that this seductive rhythm is the sound of appreciation. That’s how we get our guidance, our ideas, our supplies for the next piece of creation. We appreciate the resurrection we’ve just accomplished, and the gift of down time we may claim in our collective consciousness. And especially, we appreciate the beat that is already beginning to lead us on. Blessings on your next adventure!

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