Spirit Expressions


As he sits alone in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus Christ has decided to set aside once and for all time every appearance of limitation, to stand forth in his true spiritual identity as a shining example for all of humanity of the God Presence eager to express as each of us. What is often called his agony is, I think, truly a regretful realization that nothing will ever again be the same. He has richly enjoyed his human experiences as Jesus, he would gladly stay it longer if that were possible, but he is equally eager to complete his earthly ministry and continue his journey beyond. We can easily identify with that bittersweet awareness that change is inevitable, that our comfortable and secure existence is about to take a turn into the unknown. We may know, as Jesus surely knew, that only greater and greater Good awaits. But we also know that every spiritual step forward seems at first to produce confusion and disruption. Emily Cady, in her classic book Lessons in Truth, called this process “chemicalization.” It is brief, but it can be intense. “There are always deeply rooted error thoughts stored away in the subconscious,” Charles Fillmore writes, “and on their own account they come forward to crucify the new unknown power, the indwelling Christ,” just as soldiers and accusers come for Jesus in the Garden. Fillmore continues that “this breaking up and passing away of old error states of mind and making ready for the new is a process in soul evolution of all those who are faithfully following (the example of) Jesus.”

Today we choose to experience all change from our innate spiritual perspective, recognizing that it is all expressing and affirming our creative purpose and identity.  We observe the change without fear or judgment, and we appreciate the expressions of the infinite we are creating.

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