Spirit Expressions


  I think that one of the greatest gifts we have given ourselves through our willingness to grow in spiritual understanding is a freeing new perspective on the unfoldment of our lives.


According to the old perspective, with which we were all imbued from early childhood, life involved a slow, steady ascent through childhood, teens and twenties as we grew through education and life experience. We then tried to stay as long as possible on the plateau of middle age, eventually descending through fading powers of old age into death. It’s a perspective still very much with us in the clichés, jokes and general assumptions of popular culture and mass media.


How differently we see life from our new spiritual perspective! We are never in the process of becoming – we always are. We can, indeed, spend decades removing inner blocks to our own possibility, or we can realize those possibilities in an instant. Either choice is absolutely fine. Certainly there is no plateau, and no decline. Our spiritual Beingness continues to find more and more ways to express, with less and less need for the ‘busyness’ and limitations of the tangible world. When we’re ready we move from this manifest world of our bodies to a higher dimension; and the great, joyful, exciting journey continues. Until then, we are freer than we have ever been to cherish each day, each experience, each interaction as special, important and rich.


Whatever my mortal age may be today, I am still and always expanding in love, understanding and appreciation. I appreciate every unfolding possibility.

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