Spirit Expressions



Jesus Christ was quite clear in teaching and showing us the source of all SPIRITUAL HEALING. To the woman who believed that if she but touched his garment she would be healed, he said, “Your faith has made you well.” And to the blind men who believed that he could restore their sight, Jesus responded, “According to your faith be it done to you.”

But faith in what? Jesus’ followers needed no urging – as we might – to believe in God. You might as well say, “Believe in air.” We can’t see air, but we can witness its effects; we can recognize its existence through the way it changes and expresses in the world. Just so with God. To the people Jesus addressed, God was a given.

The belief he was calling them to – and is calling us to – is belief in ourselves as the expression of God, capable of bringing forth the idea of wholeness and perfect health and, by believing that it exists within us, making it the basis of our human expression.

The converse, of course, is also true. It is not a lack of faith in God that creates ill health. It is a belief in sickness, which is rooted in our collective ego mind – that shared universal belief in fear and separation of which we are all a part.

Our healing opportunity is to cut through that collective consciousness which says we are certain to get sick, like a laser beam of faith reaching within us into the perfection of God and calling it forth as a perfect expression of healing and wholeness   – for ourselves or for someone else.

Today, as we notice without judgment any appearance of ill health in ourselves or in someone else, let us center ourselves in the Christ of our being.  We send an energy of perfect health surging forth, expressing in every cell. We know and affirm that mighty currents of healing love are flowing now, expressing as whole and perfect health.


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