Spirit Expressions



The image of FISH AND FISHERMEN is one that Jesus used many times in the course of his ministry, and in many different ways – an image that he both talked about in parables and called upon in the events of his life.

Metaphysically, fish represent divine ideas, swimming in an infinite sea that is the realm of all possibility. We are all fishermen, drawing in particular ideas and, by ingesting them into our own creative process, transforming them into the basis of the manifest world we experience every day. It’s important to note that this process is always at work, whether we are aware or not; it is our undeniable nature to be creative beings, just as God is a creative God.

In Chapter Five of the Gospel of Luke, Simon and his fellow fishermen have been casting their nets all night and have nothing to show for it. They have followed all the rules, done exactly what fishermen have always done, and at the appropriate times. Along comes Jesus, a man they do not then know, who basically tells them to break all the rules. Fish at a different time, in a different way, he advises. They doubt, but they are willing, and their reward is a massive catch of fish.

The important point here is that Jesus called the fishermen to break from “knowing what they know,” to become active participants in the creative process rather than passive expressions of a sense of lack. It is an important calling for us as well. If we are going to be creating our reality whether we know it or not, doesn’t it make sense to become conscious, to embrace our co-creative role in order to manifest a better, richer, more compassionate world? This is the challenge Jesus offers to Simon and James and John. And “they left everything and followed him.” Today we are invited to make the same commitment.

Let us affirm together that we leave behind us the fears and concerns of the past. We appreciate the lessons they have offered us on our spiritual path, and we move forward, fully

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