Spirit Expressions



GRACE is a spiritual concept with which many people seem to have difficulty. What exactly does it mean? And how can we earn it?

The answer to the second question is simple. We can’t earn it. Grace is always present, without regard to whether it is earned – that’s what makes it grace. In the early stages of this spiritual process our focus was on God as Law – a recognition that we will receive according to the energy we put out. We can call this the law of attraction, or the law of mind action, or karma, or many other names. It is always an expression of God as Law.

Jesus made it clear that he did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it – to open us to new possibilities. We reach this new stage of spiritual consciousness by first putting it forth to others. We must move beyond the eye-for-an-eye consciousness of the law, and become the very embodiment of divine Love. When we are thus expressing grace instead of law, the same energy of grace will infill us from its infinite Source. This Source does not choose to deal in even exchanges, although our more limited consciousness may cause that to happen. The spiritual Source is eager to express abundantly, to flow freely into our lives, to bring more good than we could possibly earn under the strict dictates of the law.

“God as the great creative principle of the universe will always meet us more than halfway,” Charles Fillmore writes. “By becoming receptive to the ‘grace of God,’ we receive the measure of God’s provision, which exceeds any of our imaginings.”

Let us affirm today that we eagerly express the quality of grace in all our interactions with others. We feel Grace flowing abundantly through us, and we give it out just as freely, without measuring, without judging, and without any sense of lack.

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