Spirit Expressions



The Belgian mystic Ruysbroeck describes the ideal life as “ministering to the world without in love and mercy, while inwardly abiding in simplicity, in stillness and in utter peace.”

It is this inner simplicity and stillness, this sense of being centered in perfect peace, that allows us to maintain a physical body that always expresses youth, vitality and divine energy.

Many people believe that it is necessary to carefully protect ourselves from worldly distractions around us, and particularly to keep troublesome people at a safe distance to protect ourselves from stress and tension. This is certainly not the example of Jesus. He could have taken his spiritual awareness and retired to a spiritual community, or into the wilderness, to avoid the challenges of interacting with the many discordant factions clashing in the world around him. His ability to fully express the Christ in such a reclusive setting would have been no less wonderful, but perhaps a lot less useful for us who seek to follow his example.

Instead, Jesus lived his life to the fullest, moving through social upheaval and political turmoil, through negative public opinion and massive demands on his time and strength, without ever losing that sense of simplicity, stillness and peace in his heart.

The spiritual power that makes that possible is ORDER, which describes the importance of staying connected to the spiritual energy within no matter what demands we may be facing from without. So long as we are centered in our divine Being, we need never be afraid to offer energy where it is needed, for in Truth there can be no depletion. We must be careful, though, not to squander our spiritual energy in situations where it will not be received or recognized – in what Jesus called ‘casting your pearls before swine.’

Today let us consciously choose to express our Beingness as infinite strength and peace.  We are available to the needs of the world around us, working from a stillness within that is reflected in the energy and youthful appearance of our healthy and radiant physical bodies.

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