The spiritual power of LIFE describes the quickening energy of Spirit as it vibrates in every cell of our physical bodies, every thought in our mortal minds. The power of life acts as a bridge between our spiritual identity and the physical expression of that identity with which we are presently working, our human body.

The Anglican mystic Evelyn Underhill , in a metaphor I find very helpful, sees the body as a house. We live, she writes, in a two-story house, and both stories have important roles to play. Some people try to live only on one floor. Very spiritual people may act as though the ground floor, rooted in the physical realm, were undesirable, to be avoided as if it weren’t even there. Conversely, scientists and cynics may focus so much attention on the ground floor that they completely overlook the more spiritual realms above.

“If we try to live on one floor alone,” Mrs. Underhill writes, “we destroy the mysterious beauty of our human vocation; so utterly a part of the fugitive and creaturely life of this planet and yet so deeply coloured by Eternity; so entirely one with the world of nature, and yet, ‘in the Spirit,’ a habitation of God. ...When Saint Teresa said that her prayer had become ‘solid like a house,’ she meant that its foundation now went down into the lowly but firm ground of human nature, the concrete actualities of the natural life: and on those solid foundations, its walls rose up towards heaven.”

Today let us feel the divine energy of life vibrating in every cell of our body, echoing in every thought of our mind. We recognize that the power of life is eternally expressing through us in this physical realm, infusing it with the eternal power of Spirit.

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