Spirit Expressions


  Our spiritual focus for today is on one of the most rewarding, and trickiest, of all the twelve powers of God present within us, the power of IMAGINATION. Imagination is the power by which we form ideas into mental pictures of possibility. This power allows us to focus our creative energy, and produce in the manifest world that which we imagined in our hearts and minds.

Imagination works with our other powers in many ways. It is through imagination, for instance, that we can understand the guidance of God, which so often speaks to us in dreams, symbols and apparent coincidence. In fact, the Old Testament character who most embodies the power of imagination demonstrated through dreams both the challenges and the rewards of working with this power. Joseph was able to exercise his imagination to interpret dreams from an early age. At first this gift, unwisely used, got him in trouble. For reasons of human pride, he forced his guidance onto others – his brothers – who were not willing to receive it. As a result, he was sold into slavery and later imprisoned. These traumatic events helped shift his spiritual awareness. When he was next called upon to interpret dreams – the Pharaoh’s – he first affirmed that the power was not his but God’s. When he became willing to be a channel, allowing his power of imagination to serve a greater spiritual energy, his life was transformed.

Let us appreciate today the many ways in which the power of imagination enriches our lives. And let us recognize that only when it is allowed to express as a channel for love, strength, and all of the qualities of God will imagination find its true role in our own unfolding path.

In the quietness and confidence of Spirit, my imagination is my treasured link to the creative power of God.

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