Spirit Expressions


  Today’s Twelve Power focus is on WISDOM.  Wisdom is not something that has to be learned. Wisdom is our inner knowing, beyond the knowledge of the mind. Wisdom is synonymous with Spirit; and we do not have to ‘learn how’ to hear the voice of Spirit, in any situation. We simply have to allow our inner knowing to express into consciousness.

And what does that inner knowing tell us? It will be different, of course, for each of us and in every circumstance. But since it will always be consistent with the essence of God, it will also be simple, clear and knowable. The entire Hebrew Bible – often known as the Law and the Prophets – addresses the question of just what God’s will might be, and how wisdom might be expressed. Jesus, in his Sermon on the Mount, states the essence of Spirit guidance as simply as it could ever be stated. “Whatever you wish that men would do to you,” he told his followers, “do so to them; for this is the law and the prophets (Matthew 7: 12).”

This love-based law is the very heart of all wisdom. And the power of wisdom is always present within us, empowering us to understand how to apply that law to every challenge we might encounter.

Charles Fillmore writes in KEEP A TRUE LENT: “As I dwell upon this all-knowing faculty within, I become conscious of the Christ radiance lighting my mind, and my whole being is illumined. My thoughts are quickened through their conscious relationship to Spirit. I am flooded with new life, which raises my organism above the disintegrating thought currents of the earth; and thus I am not only redeeming my mind, but am also saving the flesh from corruption.”

It is this indwelling power of wisdom that we tap into when we remember to call upon one of my favorite affirmations – “I know, I remember, I understand, and I express myself perfectly.” Amen.

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