Spirit Expressions


  In our ongoing appreciation of ourselves as embodiments of the twelve powers of God, we focus for today on STRENGTH – a power we usually relate largely to our physical forms. It can be dangerous, however, to associate strength only with our own limited human expression. If strength becomes something we believe we are expected to manifest ourselves, if we associate “being strong” with denying any sense of weakness or vulnerability, then we are boxing ourselves into lives of anger, avoidance and frustration.

As Paul reminds us in his first letter to the Corinthians, “even the weakness of God is greater than the strength of men” (I Corinthians 1:25). The spiritual power of strength – the divine idea of Strength as it is eternally expressed in Divine Mind – is far greater than our feeble attempts at strength in the manifest realm.

Embracing the spiritual power of strength requires us to confront one of the greatest of all spiritual paradoxes. By “paradox” we mean a statement that to our logical faculty of intellect seems inherently contradictory, but which in fact simply reflects the totality of Spirit. In this case the paradox is that we can only achieve the ultimate strength of Spirit through a willingness to surrender.

We surrender our attempts to be self-sufficient, and in the process of surrender we open ourselves to true, unlimited Strength, an integral aspect of our spiritual Oneness.

Today, let us choose to embrace the paradox of strength through surrender. We take a moment to recognize those areas of challenge in our lives in which we have been trying to be self-sufficient through our limited human strength. In the peace of spiritual awareness we feel ourselves the very essence of spiritual Strength. WE ARE the strength of Spirit, and we are prospered and refreshed.

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