There are two powerful images in the Bible that attempt to describe the Presence of God on earth. One image, from the earliest chapters of the Hebrew Bible, is the Garden of Eden. The Garden is a state of total innocence and infinite possibility, out of which we are to create, using the divine powers within us, the life experience that will lead us to our full spiritual expression.

The second image, which arises later in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, is of the City of Jerusalem. This comes to represent, not where we came from, but where we’re going, so to speak – the full spiritual expression of the Christ within us, or – as Jesus describes it – the kingdom of heaven.

In the Book of Revelation, both the Garden of Eden and the City of Jerusalem are described as having twelve gates. These gates correspond to the twelve principal powers of God that are present within us as the Christ. Faith, Will, Understanding, Imagination, Zeal, Power, Love, Discrimination, Order, Strength, Renunciation and Life are the building blocks of God which are placed within us for our creative use. So long as we are calling upon these powers as our creative source, we are indeed helping to create the kingdom of heaven. When we are calling instead upon fear, lack and other negative energies, we are delaying the kingdom by building illusions that have no foundation in God.

The essence of our spiritual purpose is to activate these twelve powers, removing from our consciousness any obstacles that may be blocking their free flow within us. For the next twelve days we will focus on each of these powers in turn, and on the ways they express through us.

Let us affirm today that we recognize and gladly accept our essential role in continuing and expanding the creative work of Spirit. We know that the kingdom of heaven becomes manifest as we recognize and release the Power within us.

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