Spirit Expressions

Only Love

“For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall not depart from you.”   

These beautiful words from the Book of Isaiah were written to reassure a people who felt themselves lost and adrift in a world of chaos.  Recently released from captivity in Babylon, they felt at home nowhere.  They tried to move backward to their previous safety zone – back to Jerusalem – only to find that it was no longer the experience of safety they remembered.  Nothing felt familiar or comfortable.  The prophet is assuring them that no matter how drastically the world might seem to have changed, they could relax and rely on steadfast, eternal divine Love to support and sustain them.


It’s an assurance we need to claim for ourselves on a regular basis.  We can so easily be caught up in demands and pressures that emerge from the illusion of duality in which we live.  We can so easily forget our eternal identity as infinite Spirit.  We may so  easiy allow old fears and new media to confuse us about our true identity.


That is the time to stop, relax and remember.  Nothing matters but the infinite love that is  Spirit, and that is precisely Who we are.  Nothing else matters, and everything else is possible, in the light of spiritual Truth.


Today I know and affirm that I AM eternal Love, no matter how clearly or how dimly I remember.  I express Love wherever I am.  I see Love reflected back to me wherever I look.  And in that exchange of love, I find the most joyful experience of all.

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