Spirit Expressions


  We’ve recently been considering the very convincing ego mind concept of time and how persuasively it can derail our spiritual understanding.  Ironically, however, we can get just as hung up on the idea of eternity. Many of us – no matter how removed we might think we are from old, long-imprinted religious ideas – still think of eternity as a spiritual dimension we will step into after we die.


But by its very definition, eternity has no beginning and no end.  The Divinity we are is eternal. As Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4), “God is Spirit.”  Since we are all complete expressions of ‘God,’ we are also Spirit, and we are also eternal – just as we are, as I write this and as you read it.


The simple truth – simple but somehow challenging to grasp – is that we are in eternity at this moment.  At every moment.  We are eternal beings right now.  In fact, as we read in the spiritual guide A Course in Miracles, ‘now’ is the only moment of time that is real, because it’s the only moment that is eternal.  It is only at this ‘now’ moment that the sense-world illusion of linear time intersects with eternal Truth.  In this moment, we cannot help but know ourselves as eternal expressions of Divine love – now and always.  Eternally.


This, of course, is why our ego-centered mind much prefers to live either in the past or in the future.  The past is the center of anger and resentment.  The future is the realm of fear, doubt and anxiety.  Both past and future help to block our appreciation – in each and every ‘now’ moment – of our true and eternal spiritual identity.


It is both healing and exciting to remember that we are in eternity right now.  This life experience is not a dress rehearsal, not a qualifying round.  Our spiritual nature is not something we hope to achieve after death; it is who we are now.


Today I choose to  remember that by releasing past memories and future concerns, centered in my own Divine nature, I can experience this very day as a beautiful expression of eternity. 


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