Spirit Expressions


“I have no time!”  How often do we hear that desperate complaint in this busy life experience?  How often do we find ourselves saying it!  It describes a state of mind that we recognize so clearly that we accept the statement without question.  “I have no time!”  

In spiritual truth, of course, no one has any time, because time has no existence in that realm of truth.  And, since the Divine that we are contains within itself all possibilities of choice and consequence, it can also be said that we have infinite time.


Time may express differently for each of us, but the ways in which we use it and work with in this human experience are surprisingly consistent.  There are 24 hours in a day for everyone.  No amount of wealth, power – or desperate need – can get us any more.  Nor can we be given less.  So, again, it becomes meaningless to say that we have no time.


What do we mean when we say it?  We mean that we feel powerless over the idea of time – that we see ourselves as victims of time pressures beyond our control.  We’re forced to spend so much time meeting demands from without that we have no time left for us – for the things we would like to be doing.  And very often the things we ‘have no time for’ are the very things that would most clearly connect us with our spiritual identity – like prayer, meditation and being of service to others.


But we can hardly be powerless over time, since it’s a concept we invented.  We are not human beings trying to find time to be spiritual.  We are spiritual beings achieving spiritual goals through the challenges of a human experience.  If we remember that always, we can put time to our use, instead of seeing ourselves as time’s victims.  By putting spiritual priorities first, we will see how flexible ‘time’ can be.  Once we first commit the time we need to center our consciousness in spiritual truth, there will always be enough time for other needs as well.


Today, let us affirm that we have all the time we will ever need.  We appreciate the spiritual awareness available to us when we allow time to receive it.  Thank you, God, for adding your spiritual dimension to our human invention of time.

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