Spirit Expressions


  When we explore the history of the Israelites as recorded in the Hebrew Bible, we find the same spiritual shortcoming appearing again and again throughout the centuries – that violation of the First Commandment most often described as idolatry.


Again and again they allowed the worship of foreign gods to block them from fully realizing their Oneness with the Lord of their being.  And again and again the result was conflict, defeat, subjugation and exile.


This particular aspect of biblical history might seem to have no relevance to our spiritual challenges today.  Idolatry is not the issue anymore.  We do not worship other gods.


Or do we?  How many challenges do indeed arise when we allow success, money, relationships and the opinions of others to become false idols obstructing the clear channel through which the Presence and Power of God express through us!


Many of us have made great progress in setting aside the most troublesome and obvious of these idols.  But others are subtle and more difficult to recognize.


Perhaps the most challenging to release are those idols that we have come to rely on for spiritual support and success.  A certain person or book or belief system may have been extremely important in our awakening to spiritual possibilities.  But they are just guides, not gods.  They are meant to guide us to an awareness of our own inner Christ Presence.

They must not become false idols; if they do, we are simply giving our own power away to the guides.  And giving away our power is never a step in the right direction.


Today I appreciate all spiritual guides and resources that prove helpful and supportive on my personal path.  And I affirm that my eye is single:  I place my faith and trust only in the Lord of my being, the Christ Presence of God that I express in all I do.  Thank you, God!

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