Spirit Expressions


  Are you familiar with The Golden Key?  It’s impossible to estimate how many thousands of people have been helped by that one little pamphlet, written half a century ago by the teacher and metaphysician Emmett Fox.


The Golden Key offers the simple, single secret to achieving success in the face of challenge, abundance in the face of lack, peace in the face of conflict.  What is the key?  Simply this:  Remove your attention from the situation at hand, and focus instead on God – not on God as the solution to the problem, and definitely not on God as the solver of the problem.  Just turn your attention to God as God – the infinite and eternal energy of life.


This may sound like some sort of spiritual escapism.  But in fact it is just the opposite; it is an affirmation of the only true reality there is – the only thing we can know and affirm with absolute certainty at any time and in any situation:  God the Good.


As we step into a new year of infinite possibility, keeping our focus on the certainty that is God, we move past the evidence of our senses, the fears of our limited ego minds, and we affirm that the only true reality is our eternal Oneness with God.


Today, even as I embrace my five-sense life experience, I move beyond it to a greater dimension of awareness.  I place my focus, my faith, my I AM consciousness in God – not because God has what I want, but because God is what I want – and God is within me, now and always.  Amen.

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